TYPE O NEGATIVE Seems To Be Teasing A Dead Again Reissue

A reissue of Type O Negative‘s 2007 album Dead Again seems to be coming soon. The album is finally on streaming services but hasn’t been included in any of the band’s box sets, and is the only record of theirs not to be released through Roadrunner Records (it was on Steamhammer). Sure, there are bootleg vinyl versions of Dead Again floating around here and there, but a legitimate copy of the record on wax is going to cost you big time. Hell, even finding a used CD version is going to run you over $15!

So keep an eye out for a Dead Again reissue announcement soon. Y’know, as long as we’re reading Type O Negative‘s Instagram teaser correctly. What else “dead” could be coming back to life? We know for sure drummer Johnny Kelly doesn’t have any interest in reviving the band for a tribute show, as he said in an interview earlier this year.

“[There was] coffee talk [about doing a tribute show to Peter Steele]. There was never any serious consideration, like, should we do something? Is there even a point of doing it? Or also, is it just a blatant cash grab? So all these things go through your head.

“Maybe somewhere down the road there may be something that’s… I don’t know. But I know that for me, it would have to include Kenny and Josh as well. Anything that we do, it would have to be the three of us. And there’s no way you’re getting Josh to do anything like that.”

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