Tropic Gold have given us one final cut from their ‘What A Wonderful Experience’ EP, which lands tomorrow.

‘Maniac’ follows the release of ‘ADRENALINE’ and ‘DTTTH’ from the project, with the band saying the track shines a light on “a generation of undiagnosed and mistreated mental health conditions.” 

They added:

“The song lays out how people often think they’re going insane and that they’re not normal. 

“There’s a constant struggle people live with, not knowing why they feel differently to others, and Maniac talks about the attempt to find the alternate inner version of yourself that feels hopeless.”

Have a listen to the new track now via the video below.

The band announced their signing to label UNFD back in July.

Teasing what’s in store for their ‘What A Wonderful Experience’ EP, the band have further said the project’s title:

“Can be interpreted in so many ways; it’s our most cohesive release yet and we’re eager to see how people relate to the songs in different, individual ways.”

Check out the full ‘What A Wonderful Experience’ track-listing and artwork below.


2) Maniac

3) Damn(ed)


5) Feel OK