Trent Reznor Breaks Down Crying For Taylor Hawkins

Taylor Hawkins was loved by everyone. There has not yet been one bad word about the man. In fact, while he’s known most notably for the work that he did in the Foo Fighters, it should be noted that he was involved in so many other bands and projects that led him to making amazing connections and being so well loved within music.

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame has a lot to remember about the talented drummer. In fact, it was said that he gave a bit of his own tribute as he could not be at the Taylor Hawkins tribute show due to conflicting schedules.

According to a Reddit user, the following was described about Trent’s interaction when he took the stage: “He asked if anyone had seen the tribute concert remembering Taylor last night. Mentioned he had several friends who were at/in the show and that he’d been crying all day for him and how great of a guy and friend he was. He fought back tears but had to wipe one from his face. It was touching. Vulnerable Trent is op as hell. This is only the gist of it I don’t want to downplay everything that was said.”

For a while, fans could not find a video of the tribute, but eventually, one was posted. You can check out the video for yourself below. In it, Trent describes what it was like for him to witness the tribute without being able to be apart of it.

Clearly, Trent was very sad that he couldn’t be there and he said so many great things about Hawkins in the tribute that he gave before starting the Nine Inch Nails show that took place in Red Rocks. Fans felt exactly what Trent was feeling and shared his grief.

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