Travis Barker Is Ready To Join Foo Fighters In Photos

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has posted new hotel room and backstage photos from Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins tribute show, as seen below. Barker will be one of Foo Fighters’ guest drummers.

Travis said on the show’s website, “Taylor and I go way back to our days in laguna beach together. He was a dear friend and brother to me and it will be a huge honor to be able to pay tribute to him.”

Chevy Metal’s John “Lou” Losteau said, “Over the past 17 years I’ve been lucky enough to be Taylor Hawkins’ record producer, recording engineer, co-songwriter, drummer, tour manager, and friend.

I started working for Foo Fighters as an assistant engineer in 2006, and Taylor and I were instant friends. In 2009 Taylor asked me to record his next Coattail Riders album (Red Light Fever), and from there, he and I continued to make all of his solo music up until March of 2022.

Starting around 2010, Taylor asked me to tour manage his cover band “Chevy Metal.” I can honestly say that Chevy Metal weekend trips were some of the best times of my life. We would fly all over the world to play gigs, (Hawaii, Chili, Milwaukee!!, to name a few). We would travel with just the band, myself, and sometimes Tim-Fly. We would play on rental gear, that we would all set up ourselves, and we would “eat at Denny’s and stay at motel-6’s” as Taylor would often say. He loved it.

One day we were driving to do a Chevy Metal show in San Diego at an amphitheater, and Taylor said to me “can you play “you really got me”, and “ziggy stardust” today? I want to go up front and sing.” I had played drums in a lot of bars, clubs, and studios, but I had never played at an amphitheater or festival in front of a lot of people like that. I ended up playing drums and singing at almost every Chevy Metal show from that day forward. We played in a few different countries, and in front of some really large audiences. I’d always wondered what that feeling was like to perform to big crowds, and my friend Taylor was the guy who handed me that opportunity. I am forever grateful for that.

…and just look at Chevy Metal now, here we are playing Wembley Stadium and The Forum, and it’s all because Taylor Hawkins brought a couple of his buddies along for the ride. That’s just the way Taylor was. Love and miss you every single day, dude….”

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