The Rolling Stones Member Money In Bank Account Leaks


Charlie Watts earned international fame as the drummer for The Rolling Stones from 1963 until his passing in 2021. Watts would pass away at a London hospital on August 24th, 2021, at the age of 80. While The cause of death was not disclosed. Watts had suffered from health problems in recent years, including a diagnosis of throat cancer in 2004.

This sad Rolling Stones tour bombshell was revealed recently. Before his death, it was discovered that Watts had decided to sit out a portion of the U.S. leg of the No Filter tour due to having a heart procedure and that Steve Jordan would fill in for him on his behalf on drums.

After Watts passed away in August 2021 he would then pass his massive fortune, valued at $ 37,003,108.00 to his wife, Shirley, and their daughter Seraphina. According to the United Kingdom-based outlet, The Sun the total does not include Charlie’s estate which is thought to be worth significantly more and believed to be in the millions.
According to a 14-page document, Shirley dies, and the fortune will reportedly be passed onto their daughter Seraphina, Charlie’s sister Linda Rootes, his sisters-in-law Jackie Fenwick and Jill Minder, and brother-in-law Stephen Shepherd.

In other news regarding The Rolling Stones, during a 1978 interview, frontman Mick Jagger discussed how he felt his classic hit ‘Beast of Burden’ was the band’s most understood single. Credit to Farout Magazine for the below.
“Maybe ‘Beast of Burden’ is integrated slightly: I don’t want a Beast of Burden, I don’t want the kind of woman who’s going to drudge for me,” he said. “The song says: I don’t need a Beast of Burden, and I’m not going to be your beast of burden, either.”

Jagger continued: “I’ll never be your Beast of Burden,” Jagger said: “Any woman can see that that’s like my saying that I don’t want a woman to be on her knees for me,” he opined. “I mean, I get accused of being very antigirl, right?”

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