The Dangerous Summer Share Utterly Beautiful New Track ‘Sideways’ – News


If The Dangerous Summer aren’t one of your favourite bands, then this song will change that immediately.

The Dangerous Summer are set to release their new album ‘Coming Home’ next week, and they have shared just one more teaser to see you over the line. 

And it is just wonderful. 

It’s called ‘Sideways’ and is everything that makes the band so utterly fantastic. 

Ethereal, touching, grounded, vulnerable and, most importantly, human, it is the band at their very best. 

And if you weren’t already obsessed with them at this point, this should go a lot way to helping it all sink in.

They have paired it with a beautiful video as well, allowing you the chance to take in the splendour of your planet, and beyond:

‘Coming Home’ will be released August 26 via Rude Records. 

Here’s ‘Someday’:

And here’s the title track:

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