Spain’s ÓSSERP Brings Forth The Grinding, Fiery Death Metal Apocalypse


Ósserp just released their new record Els nous cants de la Sibil·la and you need to hear it. It’s like Deathspell Omega and Behemoth decided to throw a little more grinding death metal into their sound, and maybe beef up the riffs a bit for maximum headbanging where needed. I mean seriously, if you can get through the entirety of Els nous cants de la Sibil·la and not want to destroy everything around you, you’re just wrong. This album sets fire to everything and then lights the ashes on fire, because fuck the ashes too.

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Anyway, stream Els nous cants de la Sibil·la below and grab it here on Bandcamp. Also make sure to take a long gander at the artwork for Els nous cants de la Sibil·la, which was done by Paolo Girardi (Revocation, Mother Of Graves, etc.) and Branca Studio. It looks exactly like the music sounds.

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