SOILWORK Streams Super Catchy New Single “Valleys Of Gloam”

Soilwork is now streaming “Valleys Of Gloam” alongside the release of their brand new album Övergivenheten. If you’re looking for a hard-rockin’ version of Soilwork loaded with catchy melodies and a ripping guitar solo, then “Valleys Of Gloam” is absolutely the song for you.

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“‘Valleys of Gloam’ has a fierce metallic rock drive and sticks out quite a bit on this album,” said vocalist Björn Strid. “It might remind some people of the Figure Number Five days – yet it’s moving forward with the bands new found era, where the melodic language and intensity unites in a unique and beautiful way. This one is a very uplifting piece, that goes straight to the heart.”

Grab a copy of Övergivenheten here and check out our interview with Strid here, as well as our review of Övergivenheten here.

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