Smashing Pumpkins New Songs From Mellon Collie Sequel Leak

Billy Corgan debuted “Autumn” and “Butterfly Suite” off of the new Mellon Collie sequel album Autumn on his new podcast Thirty Three, with the songs being shared on The Smashing Pumpkins Reddit.

Evil Time Ban reviewed the songs on Netphoria, writing, “An album called Autumn, and it’s being released when, in spring? LOL

When I started the podcast I though the piano intro was the track, and I thought it was a way more flowery but somewhat pleasing sequel to the MCIS title track.

But no.

What it was instead was a sub-Pink Floyd dirge with barely any structure or melody. Some nice guitar parts but they never went anywhere or completed a section (and who was playing them, I don’t think it sounded too much like Billy).

Too many crash cymbals from Jimmy – and they sound like the same crash each time, like it was programmed. The drums have no dynamics, there’s no ring from the snare, and the stereo spread of the toms is too wide (that’s an amateur move).

Plus it was boring.

Butterfly Suite, ok it’s CYR again, but I think I preferred it to most of what was on Cyr. The burst of loud guitar and harmony lead was exciting! But it didn’t come back. The track drifted off… there was a part that sounded exactly like Pinwheels (the acoustic strums – at least I think it was Pinwheels). Too much of the backing vox hanging on after the main line; either they are lead vocals or not.

BC’s vox weren’t too OTT, somewhat lower in the mix, with a little reverb. I’ve no idea what he was singing about.

Didn’t listen to the talking on the podcast, it didn’t appeal to me one bit.

Saying all that – I didn’t hate the two songs. If there’s a chance to hear some actual instruments and musicianship, well that is good. I’m going to wait for the album to listen to the rest of them. Not this podcast / one a day format.”

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