Smashing Pumpkins Imitated Rush On Classic Song

The music industry has always been a melting pot of influences, where artists draw inspiration from their predecessors to create something unique and innovative. Recently, Billy Corgan, frontman of the iconic band Smashing Pumpkins, made the rounds on the forums when he acknowledged that their hit song “Cherub Rock” has similarities to the music of Rush. While some may see this as a revelation, it actually highlights the creative process at work and the profound impact that legendary bands can have on the evolution of music.

It takes great humility for an artist to acknowledge the influence of their predecessors. Billy Corgan’s admission that “Cherub Rock” contains elements reminiscent of Rush demonstrates his respect for the band’s musical legacy. By doing so, Corgan not only pays tribute to Rush but also opens up a broader conversation about the nature of artistic inspiration and the lineage of musical innovation.

What’s best about what Corgan spoke about was that there’s no damage in taking pieces of what another artist has done to make something your own. There truly are no original ideas within music at this point. Corgan, knowing this, was more than happy to admit where he draws inspiration.

We’ve seen recently, band after band and artist after artist go through trials of plagiarism when in reality, most likely, they were subliminally inspired by a song. Even Ed Sheeran had stated that there are only so many notes on a guitar, and it looks like he was right. The acknowledgment of influences allows artists to pay homage to those who paved the way while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of their own creativity.

When it comes to ‘Cherub Rock,’ Corgan said the intro was a direct rip-off of ‘Bytor And The Snowdog’ by Rush, which again, Corgan stated with ease as he knew exactly where the inspiration came from. Check out the clip below.

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