SLEEP’s Dopesmoker Getting Vinyl Reissue With Actual Cannabis Leaves, Band Streams Long-Lost Track “Hot Lava Man”

Sleep‘s Dopesmoker has been unavailable on streaming platforms for a little while now as the album has changed hands from original owners Southern Lord to Sleep‘s new label Third Man Records. Dopesmoker originally received a massive deluxe box set treatment via the latter and is now set for a pretty unique and new vinyl pressing.

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Dopesmoker will be available on August 26 digitally and on black vinyl, as well as on a special green vinyl that Third Man Records says contains “pure, unadulterated, authentic cannabis leaves.” Still, maybe don’t try to smoke your vinyl even though they’re calling it “Weedian High-Fi.” Pre-orders are available here, though it’s worth noting that the weed vinyl is only available in person as Third Man Records Cass Corridor.

“Manufactured by the custom, bespoke vinyl experts at Third Man Pressing in Detroit (in partnership with Doghouse Farms Premium Cannabis), this beautiful vinyl contains the quintessential representation of Sleep’s plant of choice, the seven-pointed pot leaf embedded in a ‘mosquito-in-amber’ fashion within the LP,” said Third Man Records of the pressing. “Due to the nature of the materials, this version will only be available for purchase in-person at Third Man Records Cass Corridor.”

Both the digital and vinyl version of Dopesmoker will also include the mega-rare single “Hot Lava Man,” which you can check out below. It’s not exactly new Sleep music, but really – who the hell has heard this one before?

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