Roger Taylor Announces ‘The Outsider Tour Live’ Album

Roger Taylor has announced a new album, The Outsider Tour Live, for release on Sept. 30.

As its title suggests, the 22-song LP is a collection of tracks recorded live from the Queen drummer’s most recent tour, which supported the release of his 2021 solo album, The Outsider.

The concerts, which took place in the U.K. last October, were Taylor’s first outside of Queen in over two decades. The Outsider Tour Live will be released on LP, CD and digital formats. It includes a variety of songs from The Outsider, as well as Queen classics and a handful of covers, including David Bowie‘s “Heroes” and Led Zeppelin‘s “Rock ‘n’ Roll.” You can see the album’s track listing below.

Ahead of the album’s release, the first track, “Surrender,” is now available. You can hear it below. The song was first released in 1998 on Taylor’s fourth album, Electric Fire.

“I don’t try and sound like Queen or not like Queen,” Roger has said of The Outsider songs, many of which were written and recorded during the COVID-19 lockdown. “I just want it to be me.”

“Roger’s beautiful voice seems to get better with age,” Tina Keys, a member of Taylor’s solo band, said in a press release. “He’s a great frontman, too – even onstage, I was star-struck! We all had such fun playing together, and I think the crowd could tell.”

Roger Taylor, ‘The Outsider Tour Live,’ Track Listing
1. “Strange Frontier” – Live from London ,2021
2. “Tenement Funster” – Live from London, 2021
3. “We’re All Just Trying to Get By” – Live from Plymouth, 2021
4. “A Nation Of Haircuts” – Live from Guilford, 2021
5. “These Are the Days of Our Lives” – Live from Norwich, 2021
6. “Up” – Live from Bournemouth, 2021
7. “Gangsters Are Running This World” – Live from Plymouth, 202
8. “Absolutely Anything” – Live from Norwich, 2021
9. “Surrender” – Live from Bournemouth, 2021
10. “Man on Fire” – Live from London, 2021
11. “Rock It (Prime Jive)” – Live from London, 2021
12. “Under Pressure” – Live from London, 2021
13. “Say It’s Not True” – Live from Bexhill, 2021

CD 2:
1. “I’m In Love With My Car” – Live from Guilford, 2021
2. “Outsider” – Live from Plymouth, 2021
3. “More Licks” – Live from Guilford, 2021
4. “Foreign Sand” – Live from Plymouth, 2021
5. “Tutti Frutti” – Live from London, 2021
6. “A Kind Of Magic” – Live from London, 2021
7. “Rock ‘n’ Roll” – Live from Newcastle, 2021
8. “Heroes” – Live from Coventry, 2021
9. “Radio Ga Ga” – Live from Guilford, 2021

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