POWER TRIP Reunited On Stage Last Night

Fugitive, the band featuring Power Trip guitarist Blake Ibanez, headlined a show at the Mohawk in Austin, TX with openers Dresscode and Ninth Circle on December 1. The show was billed as having a “very special guest”, and after Fugitive‘s “headlining” set was over – and Ibanez stayed on stage – it became clear who that guest was.

Power Trip took the stage for the first time since the death of vocalist Riley Gale on August 24, 2020 with Fugitive vocalist Seth Gilmore filling in behind the microphone. Outside Gilmore, Power Trip was their classic lineup of Ibanez, Nick Stewart, Chris Whetzel, and Chris Ulsh. The setlist was:

  1. “Soul Sacrifice”
  2. “Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)”
  3. “Hornet’s Nest”
  4. “Manifest Decimation”
  5. “Crucifixation”

So how’d they sound? Fucking great. Who knows if Power Trip has plans to continue on with Gilmore as their new vocalist, but we’d be more than down if they did. Dude sounded awesome.

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