Pearl Jam Reveal Truth About Howard Stern At Concet

Eddie Vedder gave a shout out to the great Howard Stern and Baba Booey at Pearl Jam’s Apollo Theater SiriusXM show in New York, thanking them. Some fans joked that Vedder thanked Booey first.

Danlee1095 posted, “So I was an early call in winner (show was amazing and I’ll review it more completely tomorrow) but there were WAY more winners there than I expected. The line for winners was almost completely wrapped around the building and had at least 500 people in it. It honestly felt like it was mostly fans – tons of people singing along. Def some people sitting but overall great crowd. Little to no celebs from where I was sitting (Row A of BALC) – just Robin from Stern and Heidi Klein. Absolutely spectacular show (despite then tech issues). Hard to Imagine possibly the best song ever. Unbelievable night!!!”

NickyNYR said, “I knew this show would be a letdown to most people from the start. I’m surprised the band did it knowing the room would be filled with mostly non-fans. I don’t know if I’m reading too much into it , but that setlist almost seems like a fuck you to the suits that were there and a treat for the real fans who were lucky to be there. I feel terrible for those who waited to get in, you guys truly deserved it. Especially after hearing people were leaving mid way through? Weird.

I wasn’t there so this post could be way off base. I’m sure the real fans who were there had the time of their lives , it’s just a shame there wasn’t more of them. Imagine that theater filled with only 10c members?”

Kosteva2 wrote, “Was in 2nd last row of balcony. Awesome experience. Seemed like balcony sections pretty well stocked with real fans. A lot of singing with the classics and even the old lesser played lost dogs like Hard to Imagine and Footsteps. Couldn’t see the lower sections from my seat to see vibe there.

Different vibe with the set list than usually get. Really loved the opening 5 “sit down” songs. Worked amazing with the intimate setting of the Apollo. Great sound and really clear. Some of the later heavier songs sound quality not as clear up top. Footsteps and HTI always a treat. Those were among my “chase” songs that I would look forward to hearing during 1st encores in their old set list formats. Seemed like overall set had enough gems to satisfy the hardcore fans and enough Gigaton to satisfy the “suits” so some good balance. Definitely something for everyone.

The technical difficulties definitely killed the buzz to some degree. Despite best efforts rest of the show had a hard time matching the energy of the opening songs.

Keep Me in Your Heart was a nice treat. Completely solo acoustic, no mic. A little bonus to fill the dead airtime. Some shushers and chatter at the bar right behind me not so nice.
My first time hearing Gigaton songs live/in person and they sounded great live and will fit well for tours to come. There were definitely more than a few people taking a seat during that run of Gigaton songs. Different spacing and mixing of older songs in between would’ve kept crowd attention a little better.

Some story time from Ed including about the Apollo but no covers from artists who made that building famous. Seems like for any NYC show or “special” show there are always unrealistic expectations for special guests showing up or crazy bust outs.

Overall grateful for the one of a kind experience seeing them in such a small venue. The opening 5 songs will get heavy replay for me. Totally different vibe than 20k people pumping their fists to Alive at MSG (and that’s totally fine). At this point I don’t need “best show ever” with every show and totally happy with different and unique. This show totally met the latter expectations for me.”

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