nothing,nowhere. Shares Electric New Track Featuring Senses Fail’s Buddy Nielsen – News

A full circle moment for nothing,nowhere. in more ways than one.

nothing,nowhere. has shared a new track, and it features one of his favourite bands on it.

That’s Senses Fail’s Buddy Nielsen to be specific. 

The song is called ‘M1SERY_SYNDROME’ and is a driving piece of alternative brilliance, showing off Joe’s knack for penning a caustic emo banger as much as the more low-key pieces that he has built his name on.

And it’s a pace that perfectly suits Buddy, who lets it all out in a way that only he can.

There’s even a breakdown at the end, which goes off. 

It’s huge, basically.

Joe had this to say about it:

“I’m excited to start a new era of nothing,nowhere. – and there’s no one better to start it with than Buddy. I grew up on this music, and I’m doing it in my own way.”

And Buddy added this:

“Excited and honored to be on a song with n,n. Joe is a great songwriter and I’m proud to see him continue to grow.”

Here it is:

It follows on from ‘MEMORY_FRACTURE’ which sounds like this:

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