NIGHTMARER (THE OCEAN, Ex-GIGAN) Stays Dissonant With New Single “Throe Of Illicit Withdrawal”


Nightmarer is back with a dissonant-as-hell new single “Throe Of Illicit Withdrawal” and a new album Deformity Adrift due out May 3.

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Nightmarer is vocalist John Collett (ex-Gigan), guitarists Simon Hawemann (ex-War From A Harlots Mouth) and Keith Merrow (Conquering Dystopia, Demisery), bassist Brendan Sloan (Convulsing), and drummer Paul Seidel (The Ocean).

“This song is about having to give yourself up entirely, in order to function as a cog in a machine that exploits every last bit of your body, mind and soul,” said the band. “It’s a constant battle between oppressive tension and the promise of a release that never comes.

“The result is a misery so deep, any attempt at disassociating from it is futile. Drawing from Death-, Black- and even Industrial Metal-influences, ‘Throe of Illicit Withdrawal’ not only embodies that lyrically, but sonically as well.”

Pre-orders for Deformity Adrift are available here.

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