Must-Have Album Review: A Beautiful Life By Heartless Bastards


Every good album tells a story. The latest greatest from the Heartless Bastards A Beautiful Life is a life-sized fairy tale. The group is a brainchild of the brilliant composer Erika Wennerstrom. The original nucleus of the band was Wennerstrom and drummer David Colvin. Since forming in Cincinnati back in 2003, Erika has been the only constant.

Delivering robust vocals in a hauntingly classic vocal style, Wennerstrom is the focal point for reason. The album starts out with a boomstick rendition of a song we’ve heard from many significant artists over the years. It’s called “Revolution” and the Bastards made the song their own. Jammed together tight with a baby doll biker jacket vibe that we really like.

The rest of the album is brightly composed, a magically turning and burning of chords, one after another. Guitars are led by Mark Nathan and Mike Weinel. David Colvin is back as well as bassist Jessie Ebaugh. This is the best we’ve heard from the group which is impressive being the band’s sixth full-length project.

Check out our favorite songs from the album below.

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