MUNICIPAL WASTE & FINNTROLL Members Have A New Black Metal Project And It’s Awesome

Morbikon is the new band featuring Municipal Waste‘s Dave Witte on drums and Phil “Landphil” Hall on bass and guitar, alongside Finntroll vocalist Matthias “Vieth” Lillmåns. The band is now streaming their very blackened new single “Cursed To March On Shattered Limbs” off the coming record Ov Mournful Twilight due out October 28. Pre-orders are available here.

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According to the Morbikon Bandcamp page, the project is headed up by Hall and is heavily informed “by the second wave of Black Metal and Melodic Death Metal scenes of 1990s Scandinavia.” Which if you’ve heard even 30 seconds of the below single should be painfully obvious. It’s also good that Ov Mournful Twilight is dropping this October, considering this track practically froze my speakers upon hitting play.

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