Movements Share Pulsating New Track ‘Cherry Thrill’ – News

A new woozy direction for the Movements boys.

Movements have continued down their new path of sonic exploration with a new stand-alone track.

And it’s a sticky sweet beauty. 

The song is called ‘Cherry Thrill’ and finds the band dipping their toes into more indie-laced pools, packing it full of woozy and intricately catchy builds and refrains. 

It’s also a new direction in terms of vocalist Pat Miranda’s songwriting prowess, which he explains below:

“This was the first song that I decided to write that has absolutely nothing to do with an actual experience in my life. It’s fully fictional. The idea is essentially a modern-day Bonnie & Clyde story. The narrator of the song is describing his undying, over-the-top love for their partner. They will do anything for each other, including robbing banks, murder, etc. The phrase ‘Cherry Thrill’ was my way of describing a sort of thirst for blood or a desire for chaos, but also the love and sensuality of the relationship between the characters.”

And the rest of the band had this to add:

​”‘Cherry Thrill’ is definitely a departure from the ‘typical’ Movements song,” the band says. “As this band has grown and changed, so have our tastes. We wanted to find a way to step out of our usual writing style and explore a new sonic wave, while still maintaining the core of what this band has always been. ‘Cherry Thrill’ is the first step in a new direction for us, and we’re extremely excited to continue down a path of natural, but significant  progression.”

Dive in:

It follows on from ‘Barbed Wire Body’, which was released earlier this year:

Movements were on the cover of Rock Sound around the release of their latest full-length ‘No Good Left To Give’. You can pick up a copy WORLDWIDE from right HERE


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