Motley Crue Show Emergency Leads To Hospitalization

A Motley Crue fan recently was involved in a mishap at Lucas Oil Stadium as part of “The Stadium Tour” with co-headliners Def Leppard and support from Poison and Joan Jett & The  Blackhearts. TMZ reported that the fan apparently fell from the upper level of the band’s concert in Indianapolis Tuesday night, August 16.

The Motley Crue fan was rushed to hospital

TMZ revealed a video of people at the show gathered around the man and tending to him as the legendary ’80s rock band was belting out its classic song “Looks That Kill”. A witness told the outlet there was a puddle of blood around the victim. Police and paramedics arrived quickly, placed the man on a gurney and wheeled him out of the stadium.

A witness who attended the concert, Steven Neeley, told 13News: “We seen a figure, at first we didn’t think it was a person, we thought it, you know, they had been tossing volleyballs and different stuff around the crowd. But when you heard the thud twice, then we knew it was a person. You could hear the audible gasps over the music playing.”

“Everyone was just kind of standing around looking, trying to figure out what to do, who to talk to, who to get to come over to the landing and check the person out,” added another witness, Krista Neeley. “We didn’t know if they were breathing or not breathing or what was going on.”

Another woman who witnessed the incident told Fox 59 someone fell on top of her boyfriend while he was standing on the landing outside of the seats.

“I got him back in our aisle, and that is when I saw the man who was on the ground next to where my [boyfriend] was standing,” the woman said. According to the woman, the man who fell was unconscious, and blood immediately started pooling out from under him.

“The time it took to get medics there to help was ridiculous,” she said. “People around were trying to help, but there was just blood everywhere. Time is of the essence when it comes to injuries like this, especially due to blood loss.”

A spokesperson for the Indianapolis Police Department told TMZ that they assisted an injured person, who was “awake and breathing.” Cops confirmed they were investigating whether the man was extremely intoxicated, leaned over the railing and fell from the upper level to the lower level. His condition is currently unknown.

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