MERCYFUL FATE Is Teasing Something For Tomorrow

Mercyful Fate wrapped up playing a handful of festival dates around the world, and now they’re teasing… something else. All we know so far is that Mercyful Fate is slated to announce something on September 6, which we’re guessing is probably more live shows given the footage of their recent stage setup.

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It’s also (probably) safe to assume that the teaser has nothing to do with new music, given King Diamond recently revealed he’s planning to release his new album before Mercyful Fate‘s. But who knows? Mercyful Fate has been playing a new single called “The Jackal Of Salzburg” live at all their shows.

When asked in a recent interview with Creem how it feels to be back on stage with Mercyful Fate‘s current iteration, vocalist King Diamond said it’s fantastic but clarified that this is not a “reunion” and not meant to be viewed as one.

“It’s very cool and a lot of fun, but people have misunderstood what we are doing now. This is not a reunion. We are just picking it up again because the stars are aligned correctly now. And that’s been the thing all the time. Before when people asked, ‘Do you think you’re going to play with Mercy again?’ I would never say never. But it’s got to be completely right. I don’t want to go out there and try to milk a cow and do a show with the backdrop and then collect and say, ‘That was that.’ That’s not right. And Hank has the same philosophy. Either we do it 200%, or we don’t do it.”

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