KING DIAMOND Has Fond Memories Of His New Year’s Eve Jam With PANTERA in 1992

In a recent Twitch stream, King Diamond reminisced about his New Year’s Eve jam with Pantera in Texas back in 1992. The Mercyful Fate singer had just moved to the Dallas area, and the Abbott brothers were open arms, as King recalls.

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“I had just moved to Dallas, and they got hold of me and they said, ‘Hey, man, come over and hang out at the house a little bit and do this, if you’re into it.’ And I said, ‘Okay. Sure, man.’ So I drove for almost two hours — an hour and a half at least — to get to their house in Arlington. And there was a house in the back where the studio mostly was. And we went in there to rehearse. And I think we rehearsed “Omens” once. And then they said, ‘Let’s go have some beer, man.’ And I said, ‘I haven’t sung [the other songs].’ Can we just go [through them] at least once?’ ‘No, it’ll be fine, man.’ We went in and had a beer. I only had one, ’cause I had to drive all the way back. But it was fun.”

King Diamond also added, “It was Pantera, man. So, very, very good, very awesome memories that we had there. And I went home and I rehearsed like a maniac at home so I could come there and play that New Year’s Eve with them. And everything was fine. You can actually find it on the Internet, I think.”

As a matter of fact, you certainly can find it on the Internet, and we’ve got two selections from that evening on tap right now! Check out the videos for “Omens” and “The Ripper” below.

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