Kanye West Says He’s The Only One ‘Who Could Save The Gap’

After declaring that he wants out of his deal with Gap Inc. in a letter to the clothing retailer earlier today, Kanye West appeared on CNBC — a contrast to his prior interview with Fox News — to offer an edgy interview about the proposed split. An irascible interview subject at the best of times, this time, a standoffish Kanye appeared in mirrored sunglasses and sporting a 1970s beard — think Black Macho Man Randy Savage — and didn’t provide much illumination on the deal, taking the opportunity to take more potshots at Gap, as he’s been doing for the past few weeks.

As the CNBC correspondent notes, Gap and Adidas’ stocks have taken a hit due to Kanye’s grumbling. Pointing out that he was once a huge proponent of Gap, even name-checking the stores in his early songs, she asks whether he believes Gap could recover. “They only have one opportunity to be able to be a big player,” he shoots back. “What do you think it is? They have one individual on the planet who could say the Gap… Sometimes, the answer’s sitting right in front of you… Don’t bring a leader in and have him not lead. I’m not going to argue with people that are broker than me about money.”

In addition, he promises that the Macho Man-esque glasses he’s wearing in the interview will “be out soon,” although, with his current retail partnership in shambles, it’s unclear how. Kanye says that Gap violated the conditions of his contract with them, but it remains to be seen whether the deal will actually be terminated before its planned expiration in 2026. You can watch Kanye’s prickly interview above.

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