JUDICATOR’s “The High Priestess” Is Basically TOM JONES Metal

Judicator is back with a new record called The Majesty Of Decay due out on November 25, and is now streaming the debut single “The High Priestess.” If you’ve ever wondered what Tom Jones would’ve written if he tried to start a progressive rock band, this might be your best shot.

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“‘The High Priestess’ is daring, it’s catchy, and so refreshing too!” said the band. “It’s our best idea of what it would look like if Tom Jones did heavy metal. We could have chosen any number of safe songs to introduce the new album, but we wanted to throw our fans a curveball. The rest of the album has plenty of speed, riffs, and prog, but only ‘The High Priestess’ has a full brass section.

“This song embodies the spirit of Judicator these days — fresh and fun, but incredibly sincere. We really hope you enjoy the single and music video!”

Pre-orders for The Majesty Of Decay are available here.

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