Josh Homme Makes Bad Remark At Taylor Hawkins Show

Josh Homme knows exactly how to stay in the realm of controversy. In fact, he could not even keep it cool for the Taylor Hawkins tribute show. While many fans were a bit taken-a-back by the comments from the Queens Of The Stone Age singer; it felt like some needed comedic relief for other fans who felt very anxious and sad while the Taylor Hawkins tribute show was going on due to the tragic nature of what the event was all about.

At the recent tribute show for the Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins, it was not only a sad event, but it was filled with a lot of laughter and memories as well from the star studded guest appearance line up. During the set with Josh Homme, he was referring to everyone on stage as military names.

Obviously, it’s easy to tell where this is about to go. He would say one bandmate was a general, one was a admiral, etc. When he got to himself he stated: “I’m Josh and I will be touching your privates…no, that was weird.” Quickly, this got to Reddit and all of the commentors went wild.

Was it wrong place wrong time? Well, it’s tough to say. It seems like Taylor would have gotten a kick out of the joke and there was no ill-will behind the joke either. It may have even just been a schtick that slipped out without much thinking.

It should be noted that the video for the joke is currently not on any platforms as all of the videos were taken down. The only way that this was reported was from fans who were actually at the event. In the coming weeks, there should be some clips that start to get through the cracks without much issue at all.

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