Hortus Animae: “Waltzing Mephisto” ReRelease


Hortus Animae Announce “Waltzing Mephisto” Remastered 20th Anniversary Re-Release

In 2003, Italian progressive black metal band Hortus Animae unveiled their inaugural opus, “Waltzing Mephisto.” Now, two decades later, the time has come to celebrate this macabre dance and artistic relic. This commemoration takes shape in the form of a sonic talisman known as “Waltzing Mephisto 20th Anniversary.” Let’s revel in the woods with the Devil.

This opus spans 23 tracks across two discs, featuring an up-tempo yet gothic and funereal cover version of Norma Tanega’s “You’re Dead,” the opening theme song for the “What We Do in the Shadows” TV series. “Waltzing Mephisto” guides you through gothic atmospheres, progressive rock grandeur, orchestral magnificence, and the primal fury of black and death metal.


The original album’s lineup included Grom from the Norwegian black metal legend ANCIENT,

while the current lineup boasts members of MARTYR LUCIFER and CRAWLING CHAOS. HORTUS ANIMAE’s sound is unquestionably for the open-minded and the brave-hearted. Still, we warmly recommend it to fans of CRADLE OF FILTH, MY DYING BRIDE, ENSLAVED, DIMMU BORGIR, EMPEROR, NOVEMBRE, ANCIENT, KATATONIA, ANATHEMA, and early OPETH. Remastered in 2023, this re-release includes new artwork, a bonus CD, and bonus tracks.


CD 1 – Waltzing Mephisto

01. Enter (Part 1)
02. Enter (Part 2)
03. A Lifetime Obscurity (Part 1)
04. A Lifetime Obscurity (Part 2)
05. Springtime Deaths
06. Souls of the Cold Wind
07. Welcome the Godless
08. Freezing Moon including Terzo Incontro and Tubular Bells (Mayhem / Il Balletto di Bronzo / Mike Oldfield covers)
09. A Feeble Light of Hope
10. You’re Dead (Part 1) (Norma Tanega cover) [bonus track]11. You’re Dead (Part 2) (Norma Tanega cover) [bonus track]

CD 2 – Godless Years Live

01. A Dream of Wolves in the Snow (Cradle Of Filth cover)
02. Locusts
03. God and His Disgusting Children
04. Chamber of Endless Nightmares
05. At the End of Doomsday (Parts 2 & 3)
06. Aqualung (Jethro Tull cover)
07. Medley (I – In Adoration of the Weeping Skies / II – Cruciatus Tacitus / III – Souls of the Cold Wind)
08. There’s No Sanctuary
09. Across the Sea of Pain
10. The Bless of Eternal Bleeding
11. Raining Blood (Slayer cover)
12. Aqualung (Jethro Tull cover) [bonus track]

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