Green Day’s Classic Track ‘American Idiot’ Is Now Certified 2x Platinum In The UK – News

Green Day’s iconic song continues to make waves all these years later.

Green Day released their album ‘American Idiot’, the dramatic rock opera to end all rock operas, 18 years ago. 

And the title track is still as rousing, vital and sentimentally bang-on today as it was when it was released. 

And its sentiment is still hitting a chord with plenty of people, as it has just been certified 2x Platinum in the UK, according to BPI. It was initially certified Platinum in 2018.

The album is also currently certified 8x Platinum, which we think you will agree is absolutely massive. 

The album also features ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’ as Platinum, ‘Holiday’ and ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’ as Gold and ‘Jesus Of Suburbia’ as Silver.

The track also has just over 648 millions streams on Spotify and the video 215 million views on YouTube:

In terms of right now, the band released a new song called ‘Holy Toledo!’ at the end of last year:

And they have been teasing a new project over the course of 2022, which could be a new album:

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