Foo Fighters Bank Payments For Tribute Shows Revealed

What has been the hold up with these shows that were supposed to happen for Van Halen? According to Eddie Trunk, it might very well be more financial than others would like to admit.

As we have seen with the Foo Fighters, it was very easy for the band to get a fully functional tribute show going for the late Taylor Hawkins. That said, Eddie Trunk recently spoke on SiriusXM about the financial aspect of things. Eddie said that “no one gets paid for tribute shows,” and this could be a big reason why the interest for the Eddie Van Halen tribute show(s) have been nothing more than just talks, and the Van Halen tribute tour with David Lee Roth, Michael Anthony, Alex Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Jason Newsted, and Joe Satriani has fallen apart.

Reddit dived into this as it was claimed by the poster: “This came up because Trunk expressed his frustration (again) that no one in Van Halen world is able to pull something together for Eddie yet in just a matter of months. Foos were able to pull together massive tributes for T(aylor). Obviously the band dynamics are completely different. VH world is a soap opera and Eddie’s son won’t do anything without Al’s blessing. Foos is nothing like that. I agree with Trunk that Eddie deserves something. But I wish he’d stop bringing it up every time he talks about T’s tribute shows. They have nothing to do with each other.”

The tone of the Van Halen fans have been very somber as they are realizing that, yes, it may be nothing more than a money ploy that is stopping the tribute from happening, which, is very sad considering the legacy that was left not only by Eddie Van Halen himself, but the band as well. A proper final one-off should be in order, but we are met back again in limbo until further notice it seems like as of now.

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