FEVER 333 Is Wrapping Up Recording A Genre-Defining New Album


Fever 333 released their debut album Strength In Numb333rs in January 2019 and they’ve been out on the road ever since. Now in an interview with NME, vocalist Jason Aalon Butler reveals the band is working on what he’s calling a “genre-defining album” that he’s wanted to hear his whole life.

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“It’s there. I’m wrapping the album in the next month, and I’m very excited about it,” said Butler. “All self-aggrandising elements aside, for better or for worse and whether people love it or hate it, I feel like I’ve created my idea of a genre-defining album that I’ve wanted to hear my whole life.

“I’ve finally created songs and elements of what that really means to me. I’m really excited to offer something that doesn’t necessarily fit into a place but rather runs concurrently in the progress that is art and music. Something in its own lane hopefully.”

Butler said the album covers everything from metal and hardcore, to rap and hip-hop, with “a little bit of trip-hop, a little bit of break.” Though he clarifies that it’s not just a mish-mosh of a bunch of genres for the sake of being different.

“I’m really finding a space that’s authentic to me and then applying it, versus genre-sampling and taking things off the shelf, throwing them in the pot and hoping they work. These are the most authentic representations I can offer.”

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No specific timeline for the album is readily available, though Butler notes new music should be coming out before the end of this year.

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