FAETOOTH Brings The Hazy Doom On New Single “Echolalia”

Faetooth, the four-piece doom metal band based in Los Angeles, is here to doom your day all the way up with their new single “Echolalia.” Faetooth classifies themselves as “fairy doom,” and damn ain’t that an accurate description for it. The band perfectly blends crushing doom riffs with hazy, ethereal vocals for a result that’s equal parts turn-it-up-worthy and evoking some serious “grab-your-headphones-and-space-out” moods.

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“Echolalia is a meditation on the myth of the Tower of Babel, contemplating the competition between man and God as technology and cultures develop, as well as the ultimate futility of our efforts against chaos and decay,” said Faetooth‘s Ashla Chavez Razzano. “The narrative of the song illustrates the toppling of the edifice, and man’s weakness against the products of his own creation.”

Faetooth will release their new record Remnants Of The Vessel on October 28. You can follow the band here on Bandcamp, Apple Music, and Spotify.

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