Ex-SLIPKNOT Percussionist CHRIS FEHN Misses The Fans, Not So Much Everything Else

Longtime Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn parted ways the band in 2019 after suing them over financials. The band tried to get the case thrown out, Fehn seemed hopeful that he might rejoin the band someday, and ultimately the whole lawsuit got settled out of court. Fehn was ultimately replaced by Michael “Tortilla Man” Pfaff, who he urged fans not to hate despite his rocky departure from Slipknot.

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Now, four years out from his departure, Fehn appeared in an episode of the Drum For The Song podcast to talk a little about his time with Slipknot. In short, Fehn still loves his old bandmates but really only misses the fans.

“I pray for them and I love them and I’m sorry that it ended so soon,” said Fehn. “But that’s the way things go. The fans really were the only part that was great for me. That stage performance and seeing them and seeing their reaction was the best part. The rest of it can fuck off.

“It’s kind of like any band, though. That’s the best part. The rest of it is touring, flights, personalities, this and that, this and that. I really do miss them [the fans]. I miss playing live — I do. But it’s all good, man. It’s all good.”

As for the future of Fehn, he reveals he’ll be working on a new project with some industry friends. Though touring is completely out of the question for him at this point.

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“I’m not interested in touring ever again. I just want to make music with these guys. with good friends that are caring, that you know, we can work together and there’s no ego. There’s no… we just want to make a nice heavy song, you know what I mean? They’re just true friends.”

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