ERRA Announce New Album ‘Cure’ Via Momentous Title Track

ERRA have announced a brand-new album, with ‘Cure’ set to land April 05 via UNFD.

The new album will mark the progressive metalcore band’s sixth LP, following their 2021 self-titled record.

It’s been heralded by the album’s title track which is emotionally raw and technically proficient, with guitarist and vocalist Jesse Cash explaining of its creation:

“‘Cure’ was one of the last songs we wrote for the record.

“I had this groove riff that I was just so obsessed with, to the point that I wanted to stay with it for the full duration of the song. 

“So even though the song stays in 4/4 for the most part, we’re always staying locked into this dotted sequence of on rhythm guitars and kick, making the rhythm feel complex yet easy to latch onto as a listener.

“In the final breakdown section, we stay with this dotted sequence, but switch the time signature to 6/8 for a few bars, before reverting back to 4/4 to close out the song. 

“These playful tinkerings with time signature serve as a suitable introduction to the approach we took with grooves throughout the whole record.”

Have a listen to ‘Cure’ below.

The forthcoming album will also feature the powerful previous ERRA release ‘Pale Iris’, which was inspired by one particular scene in the Lovecraftian film ‘The Endless’, after the band’s guitarist and vocalist Jesse Cash watched it.

ERRA are set return to the UK for a performance at Download Festival this summer, on June 16.

See the full ‘Cure’ track-listing and album artwork below.

1) Cure

2) Rumor of Light

3) Idle Wild

4) Blue Reverie

5) Slow Sour Bleed

6) Wish

7) Glimpse

8) Past Life Persona

9) Crawl Backwards Out of Heaven

10) End to Excess

11) Pale Iris

12) Wave

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