Eric Clapton Humiliates Ozzy Osbourne In Studio

Black Sabbath legend Ozzy Osbourne is often called out by overly zealous Christians. However, ‘The Prince of Darkness’ recently revealed that his latest collaboration with Eric Clapton will see him into another round of trouble. Clapton himself wasn’t all that comfortable with the song’s lyrical content either.

Ozzy Osbourne opens up on Eric Clapton

In addition to Jeff Beck and Tony Iommi, Eric Clapton can be found among the many star musicians that contributed to Ozzy’s upcoming thirteenth solo studio album, “Patient Number 9”.

The two Brit music icons joined forces on the song titled “One of Those Days”, which Ozzy believes will “cause sh*t” due to its lyrical content, as he revealed to Classic Rock in a new interview.

As it seems, the song’s chorus reads “One of those days that I don’t believe in Jesus” – pretty tame for some of the elements that’s out there. It is highly unlikely to cause Ozzy much trouble, especially since it is a rather adequate philosophical reflection for the present times. However, Clapton didn’t appear to be overly enthusiastic about it, as Ozzy recalled:

“[Clapton] said, ‘Oh, I’m not sure about that lyric.’ So we tried to replace it with some alternatives. We did ‘One of those days where I don’t believe in Christmas,’ but it didn’t sound right. Losing faith in Jesus makes much more sense when the world is turning to shit.”

Osbourne also addressed the relatively small time gap between the upcoming “Patient Number 9” and its predecessor, 2020’s “Ordinary Man”:

“One of the reasons I made this record is so that people don’t forget me, and by hook or by crook I’ll be onstage again one day to say ‘thank you’ to the fans. If I can’t, I can’t, but my desire is strong.”

“Patient Number 9” will be released on September 9 via Epic.

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