Eddie Vedder Reveals Truth About Taylor Hawkins Family

At Pearl Jam’s show in Ottawa, Eddie Vedder talked about the Taylor Hawkins tribute show and what kind of person Taylor was and how wonderful it was to see Taylor’s son play drums at the tribute with the Foo Fighters. He also mentions Gord Downie.

Steven87 posted on the Ten Club board, “Wow, fantastic show! I was exhausted the whole day from my 8 hour drive up from NJ at 3 am, but right when the lights went down and the band walked on stage, adrenaline kicked in for the next 2 1/2 hours. I had amazing seats (second row, side stage, mike’s side), thanks to those who posted here about the ticket drop earlier in the day (love this community!) Mike was out of this world, and I basically got a guitar clinic all night. I felt the setlist was put together really well, and was a nice mix of songs to satisfy both us crazies and the casual fans. The first half of the show was definitely geared toward the die hards, and the second half was packed with hits for the casual fans.

Loved the seated acoustic opening. I hope they continue with this the rest of the tour. Of the girl was incredible- one of my all-time favorites, and the first time I’ve heard it live (after 24 shows). Seated garden and NAIS were also amazing. Also, although not many people around me seemed to know it, I thought alright sounded great and really soared live. Other highlights for me included throw your hatred down, seven o’clock, immorality, and fuckin up. The crowd lighting up Mike with their phones during the immorality solo was really cool.

I also thought all the hits sounded great- Mike was absolutely shredding it up and the crowd was loud and wild. Those were some of the best versions of black, even flow, porch, and crazy Mary I’ve heard. Too bad who ever said and sad got scratched, but still great setlist, crowd, and show. Also, I was surprised when I looked at the setlist after the show to discover that they only played 23 songs- to me, it still felt like a full show and felt much longer than that. I think it’s a function of them slowing down the tempo of the songs and polishing them. IMO, they sound the best they have in years, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this tour brings. Also, everyone I met yesterday on the merch line, at the pre-party, at the show itself, and just walking around Ottawa was incredibly welcoming and awesome! It really is true what they say- Canadians are much nicer than us Americans! Hope to see some of you at some of the other shows later on this leg! And now to begin my 8 hour drive back home.”

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