Ed Kowalczyk Fires More Live Bandmates?

Live will not be in full effect as the original lineup will not be taking the stage with Ed Kowalczyk on this upcoming tour of the band. With the sad firing of their now former guitarist, Chad Taylor, it now seems that Kowalczyk is replacing other members as well.

Ed has stated that the band will still be outfitted with people who have toured within the band and members who are formerly of other large acts for upcoming shows, but the outfit will be lacking in the Chad Gracey and Patrick Dahlheimer department.

Instead, in a recent statement, (which you can see below) Ed said that he will be surrounded with musicians that he loves which includes a former member of Hole and members who have toured with Live or with Ed via his solo act in years past.

Taking a look at their official website, it seems that nothing has changed in terms of the photos of the band. The photos on the site still show the lineup as many know it to be. The bio has also stayed the same as well, but this should all be taken with a grain of salt as the tour dates show that the band have nothing coming up, but in the statement that was released about the line up change, it shows that there will be a show scheduled for November 18th.

What may be worse is the status of the Live Facebook page. Just by taking a quick look on it; fans have been turning a bit on the band. One fan would state that they miss former Live singer, Chris Shinn. Shinn took the spot of Ed in 2012 until Ed came back to the band in 2016.

It’s a really odd state for the band to be in right now.

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