‘Casita’ The Vibes; New Single By Goth Babe

It’s truly remarkable to see someone making such amazing music while in the midst of a great life adventure but that’s what Goth Babe is. Griff Washburn, adventure enthusiast by day is a magnificent singer/songwriter by night. Living out of his RV, the Memphis native is a one-man music tour all by himself.

Recording tracks in his camper as he bops about the beautiful North-Eastern parts of the country Goth Babe is all the way indie. His new single “Casita” gives us a clear indication that he didn’t forget to pack a surfboard. With his sentimental guitar chords and pleasantly synthesized voice, the magic is happening. This is a great way to dance like a wild native next to a campfire celebrating the abundance of life.

We have no clear indication whether this little diddy is a stand-alone jewel, or if it’s part of a larger treasure of an album. For now, let’s enjoy the fruits of mobile cabin life.

Watch the official video below.

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