Big Scenic Nowhere – the band featuring guitar luminaries Bob Balch (Fu Manchu) and Gary Arce (Yawning Man), Tony Reed (Mos Generator) on vocals, bass and synths, and Bill Stinson (Yawning Man) on drums – is now streaming their new album The Waydown in full. Given Big Scenic Nowhere‘s history and everyone involved in the band, you know that hitting play is gonna immediately engulf you into a world of beefy riffs and huge harmonies.

Stream it in full below, pre-order it here (and here in the US) before its February 2 release date, and make sure you stick around for the Hall And Oates cover at the end featuring an actual member of the band. Seriously, it’s awesome.

“Most of these recordings go back to 2021,” said Balch of the record. “Two tracks are from late 2020. One track is from 2018. Usually the way we record is we get together and jam and then edit the jams down to songs afterwards. All of the songs on the album were constructed that way, except for ‘100’ ‘Bleed On’ ‘Summer Teeth’ and ‘Sara Smile.’

“‘100’ and ‘Bleed On’ are riffs from Gary Arce and myself jamming in Red Barn studios in Joshua Tree. We did those after tracking his guitars for ‘The Long Morrow’ off the last record. ‘Sara Smile’ is a Hall And Oates cover. That one I structured at home and had musicians play on it after the fact. We are beyond stoked to have Hall And Oates keyboard player Eliot Lewis guest on it! ‘Summer Teeth’ is a song I had from before we even started the project. The same guitars were used on the recording that are on the demo.

Per Wiberg from Opeth and Spiritual Beggars played keys on ‘100’ and ‘Summer Teeth.’ Gar from Red Barn studios played lap steel on ‘100’ as well. We also added guitar loop transitions from Reeves Gabrels from The Cure and David Bowie. Everything else was recorded at Gatos Trail, HeavyHead studios and my home. Mixed and mastered by the very talented Tony Reed. We hope you enjoy this one!”

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