ARCHSPIRE Cancels South American Tour Due To Concerns With Touring Agency

Archspire played the first leg of their South American tour this July and was planning on going back down for the second leg this September. Unfortunately the band has decided to cancel the September leg to various concerns they have with the touring agency handling the trek. In a statement, Archspire said their July tour wasn’t exactly the best and, since the same touring agency is handling the September one, isn’t confident things will be any better.

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In the same statement, Archspire also notes they’ve begun work on the follow-up to their 2021 album Bleed The Future. So that’s nice at least.

“We have decided to pull out of our upcoming South American tour,” said Archspire in a statement. “There were many factors that influenced our decision, but suffice to say we felt some inconsistencies between our expectations and reality on our recent tour in Mexico, El Salvador, and Guatemala. We have no reason to assume this tour would be any different, given it was booked by the same tour agency. Some basic needs of ours weren’t provided, including the quality/availability of gear, proper crew, merchandise issues, and some business that just didn’t sit well with us.

“This is our livelihood. As such we need to stand up for our best interests. Until this week we do not have a history of pulling out of tours, but unfortunately these two announcements came out within a few days of each other. It saddens us to let fans down, especially those who are so passionate about the music we write.

“As a band, we’ll remain at home writing album number five during the remainder of 2022. We are driven as ever to write new music that (hopefully) surpasses your expectations, and we thank you for your understanding.”

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