Alice In Chains Post New Photos Of ‘Dirt’ Cover Model


Alice In Chains’ ‘Dirt’ has an iconic album cover. This marked the band’s second studio album and it was released in 1992. It peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 chart and the album received critical acclaim. The official Instagram account shared the back story of how the cover for the album was decided and how it was created. A few newly unveiled never before seen behind the scene pictures were dropped on the account with the caption that read:

“On creating the album art for #Dirt:

​I wanted this cover to have a rather ‘Hellish’ atmosphere. It was (the band’s) idea to have a nude woman, half-buried in the desert. She could be either dead or alive. All of my experiences with Alice in Chains have been great, life-changing experiences. I’m very thankful for the truly brilliant times that I’ve had with these amazing guys.” – Rocky Schenck

Instead of shooting the album cover in an actual desert, Rocky built one in his Hollywood studio so he could control the aesthetics and lighting. He painted the sky backdrop, constructed miniature mountains, and made the desert floor from foam core and clay. Rocky also left a body-shaped hole in the “ground” just big enough for model, Mariah O’Brien, to climb into. #Dirt30

📷: @rockyschenckofficial

Slipknot member opens up on ‘Dirt’

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor recently sang the band’s praises, and more particularly that of the album Dirt, for Alice in Chains’ upcoming 30th anniversary of Dirt deluxe box set.

Taylor offered a quote that will be included in the upcoming hardcover book that accompanies the box set, giving some credit where it is due in helping to form the artist that he is. “Alice in Chains changed my entire approach to songwriting,” states Taylor. “They showed me that you could write/marry the heavy to the beautiful and combine the sadistic with the hopeful.”

Later within the quote, he goes on to comment, “It’s just a perfect album. Simply put, it’s one of the greatest hard rock / heavy metal albums of all-time. It transcends genres. It speaks to people regardless of age or generation. It’s literally a clinic on how to make nihilism and contemplation work together.”

Within the commentary, Taylor shares his association with the album, stating that he was a “massive” fan since day one, and reflecting upon seeing them open the Clash of the Titans tour which sold him on the band.

“The first song I heard from Dirt was ‘Would?‘ because it was on the Singles soundtrack. My initial thought was, ‘How are they going to top this?’ And holy hell, they smashed it,” adds Taylor. “The whole album is perfection. The harmonies are perfect, the guitar tones are so thick, the passion is gorgeous, and the grooves – how the bass glues to the drums – are unf***ing touchable.”

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