ABBATH, ARCTURUS, DEFEATED SANITY & More Added To Maryland Deathfest 2024

Maryland Deathfest 2024 has added a handful of killer artists to their lineup including Abbath, Arcturus, Daeva, Defeated Sanity, and way more. The new additions include:

  • Abbath
  • Archagathus
  • Arcturus
  • At War
  • Bölzer
  • Daeva
  • Defeated Sanity
  • Grave Miasma
  • Noctem
  • Organ Failure
  • Siege Column
  • Sinmara
  • Spectral Wound

The above artists join 35 previously announced bands, which are:

  • 1349
  • AHAB
  • Apartment 213
  • Archgoat
  • Aura Noir
  • Avulsed
  • Bloodbath
  • Blue Holocaust
  • Brodequin
  • Broken Hope
  • Carpathian Forest
  • Cenotaph
  • Coffins
  • Deathhammer
  • Defleshed
  • Depulsed
  • Extortion
  • Fossilization
  • Grave
  • Impure
  • Inhume
  • Internal Suffering
  • Kurnugia
  • Mortuary Drape
  • Necessary Death
  • Primordial
  • Ripper
  • ROT
  • Sacrifice
  • Severe Torture
  • Skinless
  • Stabbing
  • Tankard
  • Vomitory
  • Vomi Noir
  • Yacøpsæ
  • Yellow Eyes

Maryland Deathfest will take place in Baltimore, MD between May 23 and 26. Tickets are available here, and many more bands will be announced between now and then.

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“Regarding venues/stages being utilized for MDF 2024, we are planning to use Rams Head, Power Plant, Soundstage, and potentially a stage outside at Market Place (near Soundstage),” said festival organizers upon the initial announcement.

“We will be able to follow up about the Market Place stage in the early summer, but as it stands now, we are planning on this 4 stage arrangement, all of which are contained to one general area and will reduce the amount of walking for you. This indoor/outdoor arrangement all in the same general area could be somewhat reminiscent of when the festival was at Sonar, for those who remember that.

“There will be plenty of space for merch vendors around the fountain area at Power Plant and nearby sidewalks, right between the stages being used. We still have at least 40 more bands to announce, and the next round of 10 or so confirmed bands will be announced during the month of February. We are holding off until late spring/early summer to potentially announce a few of those bands, as there are still some obstacles in the way for them to enter the US.”

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